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Quote #10244 Current score: 1  +  − Total votes: 1 Submitted: 2019-02-11 00:17:44

Reinage rolls 1d100 for unhealthy decisions & gets 69.

Quote #10241 Current score: 5  +  − Total votes: 10 Submitted: 2018-07-12 10:04:40

Mandaliet: I got some eclairs because I'm rich now
Prince River dies
Prince River comes back to life
Prince River: eclairs do that to me
Prince River mouths a thick, cream-filled eclair
Mandaliet: they are quite phallic
Davidi: Man: mmmm, this bread is great, Jesus
Davidi: Jesus: Thanks. It's my body
Davidi: Man: mmmm, this wine is amazing
Davidi: Jesus: Thanks, it's my blood
Davidi: Man: These eclairs are absolutely ORGASMIC
Davidi: Jesus: ....:D

Quote #10237 Current score: 3  +  − Total votes: 7 Submitted: 2018-05-11 20:12:24

Argema: Someone opened the pandora's box of reproduction
Argema: And here we are

Quote #10236 Current score: 6  +  − Total votes: 8 Submitted: 2018-05-11 19:56:54

Creepmachine: male anglerfish are basically nothing but swimming testicles
Courier: okay yeah male anglers are just...
Courier: "let me just attach myself to your body with all these other dudes"
Creepmachine: once they find a female, which are like 3 times bigger, they latch on and lterally just.... dissolve into nothing but their balls
Kauru: I know a couple human guys that do that.
Creepmachine: LOL
Vanna: lololol
Arianrhod: YOU KNOW

Quote #10230 Current score: 2  +  − Total votes: 8 Submitted: 2018-03-15 13:46:52

Violet Essex should make an alt named [NO]
Violet Essex[NO]s Irisi.
Odds-on: [NO] you guys
Violet Essex: God [NO]ing [NO]it
Irisi Isetnofret moans [NO]
Irisi Isetnofret: ishly
Odds-on: You [NO]ing [NO]
Odds-on: I'm gonna stick a [NO] up your [NO]ing [NO]
Violet Essex: Oh [NO]
Odds-on: Oh [YES]

Quote #10229 Current score: 3  +  − Total votes: 10 Submitted: 2018-02-26 03:55:57

Highbaby: i literally just got up because a cellar spider walked across my fucking pillow and put a leg on my hand like it was concerned for me
Highbaby: my throat hurts from screaming at a level only dogs can hear
Unmei: ..................

Quote #10226 Current score: 2  +  − Total votes: 8 Submitted: 2018-02-19 17:47:24

Cornelius Vaporlove: I wonder if I taste like blueberries.
Mino: thats the dumbest thing anyone ever said

Quote #10225 Current score: 3  +  − Total votes: 9 Submitted: 2018-02-09 14:15:59

James throws Vanix a bone and knocks the furre over!
Vanix's arm is impacted by the thrown bone, the meat around the epicenter of the impact sight is instantly bruised and mulched, the kinetic energy rippling across the sinew and causing millions of minute hairline fractures while the arm itself goes limp, paralyzed with riveting agony.
Vanix likes being dramatic.

Quote #10223 Current score: 10  +  − Total votes: 16 Submitted: 2018-01-25 23:08:38

frogela: i don't believe anyone on furcadia who says they aren't furry

Quote #10222 Current score: 4  +  − Total votes: 15 Submitted: 2018-01-20 22:23:14

Justin StinCoy: Fluff Pit, basically an unshaved underarm.

Quote #10220 Current score: 3  +  − Total votes: 8 Submitted: 2018-01-17 13:24:51

(Odds and Val had been playing with the the emits, and the owner came online)
[#] The uploader has arrived! Direct all irritations to them.
[#] Dear uploader, I have coughed up a chicken for my dear friend to consume, only for it to run away and be eaten by a wall. What sort of trickery is this? -Oddsie
[#] Chaos. Sorry, I dropped some on the floor. -Val
[#] Blame Val. Then ban. -Uploader
[#] I'll eject her. -Val
(Val then proceeds to eject herself)

Quote #10216 Current score: 3  +  − Total votes: 9 Submitted: 2018-01-09 02:08:20

Deceptisquirrel: Waiting for the inevitable bovine ferian to be made and banned from furN
Mandaliet: too many tippings?
Deceptisquirrel: The only place people get thier milk from in Furc are from a capitoline wolf.
Mandaliet: this can only lead to the founding of cities

Quote #10214 Current score: 1  +  − Total votes: 9 Submitted: 2018-01-08 15:36:42

Odds-on: nom-coolie
Odds-on: nom-coojie
Odds-on: nomc--okie
Odds-on: You eat a cookie. A small note has been baked into it. It reads: QOTD: "In the shopping mall of the mind, he's in the toy department."

Quote #10213 Current score: 3  +  − Total votes: 9 Submitted: 2018-01-07 13:19:41

Odds-on: well look at sapphirus. her art is trash and she somehow still runs a shit show
Violet Essex: Me too.

Quote #10208 Current score: 3  +  − Total votes: 10 Submitted: 2017-12-03 12:22:35

Suzy: furcadia truly did something that nobody else did, but it was ruined by being a social game that relied on socially inept people

Quote #10203 Current score: 1  +  − Total votes: 5 Submitted: 2017-11-14 19:21:49

Orni: Ever heard of not putting all your eggs in one bastard?

Quote #10202 Current score: 4  +  − Total votes: 6 Submitted: 2017-11-14 19:18:57


Quote #10197 Current score: 1  +  − Total votes: 3 Submitted: 2017-11-02 18:01:52

Akra: Oh my. Cake turned me into a promiscuous unicorn!

Quote #10196 Current score: 2  +  − Total votes: 8 Submitted: 2017-10-16 12:48:20

Winde: mongoloid dongoloid

Quote #10191 Current score: 3  +  − Total votes: 4 Submitted: 2017-08-31 16:29:51

Seraphina Chekhov: The word of the day is... Antidisestablishmentarianism
Sammy Larkson: You know what to do when you hear the word of the day, right?
Ariante Oakenfold: You suck on Sammy's cock.
Seraphina Chekhov does
Seraphina Chekhov: Damnit, Ari
Ariante Oakenfold:
Seraphina Chekhov: Fuck off with your timing
Sammy Larkson gasps and moans

Quote #10190 Current score: 1  +  − Total votes: 7 Submitted: 2017-08-31 00:00:32

Zoli: What're you gonna name him?
Zoli: name it Goat
Mino: have you been watching the tick
Mino: because goat is a great name
Wolf: name him 'notail'
Zoli: "Name him Stubs"
Wolf: name him smalls
Zoli: Stubby Smalls
Wolf: Notail Stubby Smalls
Smalls: she's a guuuuurl
Zoli: Name him Goat Stubby Smalls Notail
Zoli: That sounds like a native american name
Smalls: rofl
Smalls: she needs an epic name
Wolf: Name him Goat Stubby Smalls Notail the Female
Wolf: it rymns
Zoli: "We've provided you an epic name alreeady
Mino: hakuchi moya
Wolf: We should start a babynames company Zoli
Wolf: highfives

Quote #10186 Current score: 8  +  − Total votes: 11 Submitted: 2017-08-26 20:49:48

Pussycat: its all pointless when we're going to upload our consciousnesses to the internet one day and become one
Pussycat: these meat sacks are on the way out
Smalls: uh, I am uploading my consciousness into a horse pussy
Smalls: not a computer
Pussycat: that sounds moist

Quote #10170 Current score: 1  +  − Total votes: 3 Submitted: 2017-08-24 07:59:00

Vijay: I love caffeine
09:56 AM - Vijay left.
Mandaliet: strangest mic drop ever

Quote #10169 Current score: 4  +  − Total votes: 4 Submitted: 2017-08-15 15:03:31

Rinadeval: also the only high elf on the entire planet xD
Mentha Balsamea: Only until another elf gets stoned

Quote #10168 Current score: 2  +  − Total votes: 4 Submitted: 2017-08-12 21:51:30

Odds-on: Earlier I was thinking like, "what are those vampires that can't eat normal human food because it tastes disgusting to them?? I know it's an anime.."
Mentha Balsamea: ...?
Mentha Balsamea: XD

Quote #10166 Current score: 4  +  − Total votes: 4 Submitted: 2017-08-10 17:56:38

Squidacious: oh dang, so close! If I can sell some more ychs I would love to buy another digo off you.
Squidacious: Kinda drained my PP finally..
Shaun Dreclin: Drained your pp huh?
Emo Nostalgia: Yeah, i made a masterpost of all im selling. Hopefully i get more bites.
Emo Nostalgia: Omg
Shaun Dreclin:
Emo Nostalgia: Ban-shaun

Quote #10163 Current score: 3  +  − Total votes: 6 Submitted: 2017-08-08 00:36:32

Mandaliet is up to no good again.

Tiina Brown: I'm tired, but i shouldn't go to bed ....
oninoshiko: I suppose
Mandal't keeps Tiina up all night
Mandal't: hmm, that sounded dirtier than I realized

Quote #10161 Current score: 1  +  − Total votes: 6 Submitted: 2017-07-24 17:55:22

Odds-on: News channel off.

Quote #10159 Current score: 4  +  − Total votes: 6 Submitted: 2017-07-01 15:42:57

Skye the Bard: I can legit get booty anytime. I just really like games.

Quote #10158 Current score: 2  +  − Total votes: 3 Submitted: 2017-07-01 10:29:04

Voek: i fell asleep at like 3 am tho so i am dying
Kygo: jesus go to sleep
Voek: i'll tell jesus to go to sleep

Quote #10157 Current score: 3  +  − Total votes: 7 Submitted: 2017-06-20 12:30:53

Dazzler: did anyone else, when they were little, think that goats were male sheep and sheep were female goats? like sheep were the girls of one species and goats the boys of the same? it's so fucking weird
Nuummite: no
Dazzler: i guess i was retarded

Quote #10156 Current score: 1  +  − Total votes: 3 Submitted: 2017-06-12 10:46:02

Sherilyn: sheri.png
Sherilyn: because i'm better than a jpeg

Quote #10155 Current score: 5  +  − Total votes: 5 Submitted: 2017-06-09 13:43:46

Sherilyn: no nipples
Sherilyn: beautiful
Silon: snek
Naginata: He has no scales yet
Naginata: maybe he can have
Naginata: two scales for nipples
Sherilyn: nooo
Naginata: so he feels less insecure
Naginata: about his niplesslessness
Sherilyn: but no nips is best :~(
Silon: nippleslessness
Naginata: okay he shall be nippleless
churchgrim: i dont have nipples
Naginata: A nipless hiss hiss
Sherilyn: guys there's a legit thing as a nipple tuck
Sherilyn: they remove your nipples for you
Naginata: I want a boob lift
Naginata: Isn't that really popular in like Korea? Cause they love plastic surgery
Sherilyn: i want a masectomy
Sherilyn: idk
Naginata: I heard about it on one of those nip-tuck-disaster shows
Naginata: I can't watch those anymore they make me squeamish
babey: im gonna remove orbs nipples
Silon: wear them as goggles
babey gets scissors
babey: of course silon
babey: burger nipples
Naginata: We should give orb a third nipple
babey: why stop at just 3
Naginata: But not tell them where we're going to put it
Sherilyn: i kinda want no nipples too
babey: sherilyn just come here
babey: i have scissors and ice
Silon: nipples on the butts
Sherilyn: yes do it
Naginata: Babey has become a plastic surgeon
Sherilyn: buttnipples
Naginata: Silon is a buttnipple
Sherilyn: yes
babey: i was always a plastic surgeon to those who trusted me enough
Silon: nagi no
Naginata: Nagi yes
Silon: Silon yes
Sherilyn: this needs to go to furc quotes omg
Naginata: Silon Buttnipple
Naginata: The third
babey: give-nipple silon
Naginata: lMAO
babey: there you go dad
babey: spare
Silon: toss-nipple babey
babey: no!!!
babey: i only need 2
Silon: eat-nipple

Quote #10153 Current score: 5  +  − Total votes: 9 Submitted: 2017-05-26 12:51:43

Jasmine Dashen: So I pretty much did just go into the stores and employees asked me if I needed help
Jasmine Dashen: and I responded with
Jasmine Dashen: "Yea, uh... do you guys have gummi dicks?"
Jasmine Dashen: Worker: ...
Jasmine Dashen: Worker: Right this way, ma'am.
Jasmine Dashen: Worker: ...What are you getting them for?
Jasmine Dashen: Me: ...Gag gift.
Atra: ...... Did you mean to pun there?
Jasmine Dashen: ...
Jasmine Dashen: FUCK NO I DIDN'T
Jasmine Dashen: HOLY SHIT
Atra: XD
Jasmine Dashen: FUCK ME
Atra dies

Quote #10152 Current score: 5  +  − Total votes: 5 Submitted: 2017-05-21 16:19:24

Martholomew: Furcadia: Your thrussy is sore; try again later.

Quote #10151 Current score: 7  +  − Total votes: 11 Submitted: 2017-05-21 07:58:33

Wimpods: my ass is a sacred place.

Quote #10148 Current score: 4  +  − Total votes: 8 Submitted: 2017-05-16 15:39:34

babey: why do baby snakes just open their mouths really wide when theyre first born
Sherilyn: idek
Sherilyn: maybe they're saying hello to the world
Wimpods: theyre screaming because they dont want to get involved in the worlds shit

Quote #10147 Current score: 4  +  − Total votes: 7 Submitted: 2017-05-15 13:29:58

babey: my face is obscene
Silon: rated R
Naginata: Too sexy to be seen
babey: ;o
Naginata: You have to wear a paper bag
Silon: with MY face on the bag

Quote #10146 Current score: 3  +  − Total votes: 5 Submitted: 2017-05-11 17:09:59

Joshy: i know BITCH
Sherilyn: i know whore
Shuichi Saihara: you know me?

Quote #10145 Current score: 3  +  − Total votes: 3 Submitted: 2017-05-07 19:06:33

Akra: ...why are you tonguing my corpse?
Balloon: because i had two jobs and was trying to sleep
Balloon: and it was the nearest object

Quote #10144 Current score: 3  +  − Total votes: 6 Submitted: 2017-05-07 13:27:00

Joshy: BANG bendy
Kuro: ah yes
Kuro: thats where bendy fucked me

Quote #10141 Current score: 1  +  − Total votes: 2 Submitted: 2017-04-16 05:16:41

mountain bluebird has arrived!
mountain bluebird has left.
Mentha Balsamea: [And the little bluebird of happiness has flown away]
Mentha Balsamea brick]
Valentine Oliver Wildingham: [Ahaha, perfect.]

Quote #10139 Current score: 4  +  − Total votes: 6 Submitted: 2017-04-09 19:05:40

Akra: What do cheese and tacos turn people into?
Pada: mexicans?

Quote #10138 Current score: 6  +  − Total votes: 6 Submitted: 2017-04-08 20:23:15

Smalls: only messia can glaze my ham *.*
Gendi: so lood
Smalls: ifyaknowwhatImean
Yuki Terumi vomits
Zoli O.O
Pada: you sick
Smalls: bahahahahaha

Quote #10135 Current score: 6  +  − Total votes: 8 Submitted: 2017-03-30 18:34:00

Muunokhoi: My big fat greek vagina

Quote #10134 Current score: 2  +  − Total votes: 2 Submitted: 2017-03-28 13:06:13

Clarification takes a nice, deep breath....]
Clarification shrIEKS INTO THE VOID]
Esser: [D8]
Clarification sits back down, cleans a talon-paw.]
Clarification: [Sometimes you just gotta scream into the void]

Quote #10133 Current score: 2  +  − Total votes: 6 Submitted: 2017-03-25 17:38:54

Swirly: [What the absolute cow launching fuck is that?]

Quote #10132 Current score: 1  +  − Total votes: 3 Submitted: 2017-03-23 02:23:47

Tan Loc: Rec = 1.
Recyclable sneaks a hug in on tan(loc)
Tan Loc: unbelievable!
Recyclable: inconcievable
Recyclable: inconceivable*
Recyclable: i before e, except after c
Recyclable: got me again
Tiina Brown: Unglaublisch!
Justin StinCoy: Unless sounding like a as in neighbor or weigh.
Tiina Brown: ....Unglaublich!
Justin StinCoy gives Tiina the Heimlich Maneuver.
Tiina Brown: Oooffffffff!
Justin StinCoy: Slurrrrrrpppp!
Justin StinCoy: Oh. Oops. "Heimlich", not "hindlick".
Justin StinCoy coughs.
Tiina Brown:
Justin StinCoy steals one of Opus' jokes.
Recyclable: idontblame you justin. i would hindlick tiina too *.*
Justin StinCoy: Hind lick. Yes, deer.
Recyclable: oh deer
Recyclable: oh, you already got it
Justin StinCoy: D'oe!
Tiina Brown: Doh!
Recyclable: ah man
Recyclable: that was another good one

Quote #10123 Current score: 1  +  − Total votes: 1 Submitted: 2017-02-25 06:46:28

KeeZy: (Link to Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog Bad Horse Letter)
Mandaliet: bad horse
Different Turret: "He'll make you his mare" What is this, FurN?
Mandaliet whinnies

Quote #10122 Current score: 2  +  − Total votes: 4 Submitted: 2017-02-22 21:00:27

Pussycat: i love ingredient vendors, mass spectrometry gets me wet

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