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Quote #8365 Current score: 5  +  − Total votes: 5 Submitted: 2011-06-05 18:16:00

[T] The good news is, I planted hot pepper seeds in the garden. Can't make a nice chili without a bit of tingle...
[T] Bad news is, I broke the dried pepper open with a finger and rubbed my eye half an hour later. ow ow ow ow ow...

Quote #3581 Current score: -1  +  − Total votes: 7 Submitted: 2008-11-04 16:02:00

General Zod: DEP need not make sense, its their server

Quote #9197 Current score: 1  +  − Total votes: 3 Submitted: 2012-10-25 16:20:56

Diakoda: Remember Tige, hurricanes are like women.
Diakoda: When they're here, it's wet and wild. And when they leave, they take your house and your dog.

Quote #2959 Current score: 1  +  − Total votes: 17 Submitted: 2008-07-15 14:23:00

Banish: I rickrolled everyone at my job
Banish: everyone, including the managers carry around walkies
Banish: and I had nothing better to do...
Banish: so I turned my walkie on and started playing it
Banish: the entire song

Quote #5337 Current score: 0  +  − Total votes: 2 Submitted: 2009-08-09 22:22:00

USA: it is raining in michigan. it means someone in cali is high everytime this happens. it rains alot

Quote #6910 Current score: 4  +  − Total votes: 8 Submitted: 2010-06-05 22:22:00

Justin StinCoy: Hello, Proletariat.
(You see Proletariat.)
> The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles. [Free Literature!]


Justin StinCoy gets all McCarthy. "Burn! Burn in the fires of righteous witch hunting!"
Justin StinCoy incinerates himself.
Proletariat: AHHHH
Justin StinCoy gets more McCarthyesque. "Arrgh! Investigate innocents! Go on a power trip! Be a bigger threat to freedom than the Commies!"
Mandalt hides on top of a spinning flower
Cassius Fuzzypaws: Wasn't everybody a commie according to him?
Mandalt: he'll never find me up here...
Justin StinCoy: Pretty much, Cassius.
Cassius Fuzzypaws: if you sneezed funny you were commie
Justin StinCoy: "Aarrrgh! That sneeze spattered spittle seven spaces too far! Investigate!"
Cassius Fuzzypaws: That sentence had far too many Ss in it
Mandalt hisses
Justin StinCoy gets even more McCarthyesque. "FoxyToxic has a red-tipped tail! He must be Communist!!!"
FoxToxic: Blar!!
Justin StinCoy: "Mandalt is orangey! That's half red! He must be Communist! Investigate him if you can find him!! Blaaargh!!!"
Mandalt: eek!
Justin StinCoy continues his McCarthy frothing at the mouth. "Arrrrgh! Proletariat is really red! He has a Commie name! He's passing out manifestos! He must be an American patriot spying on the Commies!"
Justin StinCoy pins a "McCarthy approves" medal on Proletariat.
Cassius Fuzzypaws: wait, that's all backwards
Mandalt: heh
Cassius Fuzzypaws: oh shoot I better quit Stalin and go to bed
Cassius Fuzzypaws: I mean stalling....
Mandalt: heh
Mandalt: "quit Stalin and show us your Marx"
Justin StinCoy: "Aaaarrrrrrghle!! Cassius made a Commie joke!! Investigate him!!!! "
Cassius Fuzzypaws:
Justin StinCoy: Yes, McCarthy apparently was that bad, Cassius.
Cassius Fuzzypaws:
Cassius Fuzzypaws: I better run before the inquisition
Mandalt: I wasn't expecting some sort of Spanish Inquisition!
Cassius Fuzzypaws: nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!
Mandalt: oh, okay
Mandalt: I'm not alone, then
Justin StinCoy: "The Spanish were socialists! Investigate them!!!!"
Cassius Fuzzypaws: oh dear
Justin StinCoy: "My foot has been shot! Investigate it!!!!!"
Mandalt: heh
Justin StinCoy: "Blaarrrgherss! My investigations have turned up nothing! They must be colluding with the enemy!!! Investigate the investigations!!!!!"
FoxToxic: o-o
Justin StinCoy: "Brrarrgh! The American flag has stars and red stripes!! America is un-American!!!! My illogic causes reality to implode upon me!!!! Ingestigate it!!!!!""
Justin StinCoy: Nummies.
Mandalt: and that's how Joe McCarthy destroyed the world

Quote #10166 Current score: 4  +  − Total votes: 4 Submitted: 2017-08-10 17:56:38

Squidacious: oh dang, so close! If I can sell some more ychs I would love to buy another digo off you.
Squidacious: Kinda drained my PP finally..
Shaun Dreclin: Drained your pp huh?
Emo Nostalgia: Yeah, i made a masterpost of all im selling. Hopefully i get more bites.
Emo Nostalgia: Omg
Shaun Dreclin:
Emo Nostalgia: Ban-shaun

Quote #5681 Current score: 0  +  − Total votes: 0 Submitted: 2009-10-04 12:15:00

Meltdown: hoping to win a space lol
Midnight211: KIWI
Midnight211: Same
Meltdown: i need to get some :/
Kevyn: Desk
Midnight211: I do too xD
baby gurl: i wanna win a bat or bate wings
Midnight211: I will need to buy one I guess
[*] Meltdown please whisper me! -Leaf
Meltdown seems to be popular here o-o has a young werewolf cuddling her along with a draggy
Midnight211: ..
Meltdown: o-o

Quote #6458 Current score: 3  +  − Total votes: 3 Submitted: 2010-03-07 13:22:00

Kalare: One day I will be quoted

Quote #4305 Current score: -5  +  − Total votes: 9 Submitted: 2009-02-10 15:21:00

Domz: DO ME

Quote #4191 Current score: 2  +  − Total votes: 4 Submitted: 2009-01-23 13:33:00

Kourtney HRT: i luv you neex!
Kourtney HRT: ur soo nice!
Neex: thx luv ya too
Kourtney HRT: we sould get marred!!
Neex: Oh man wouldn't that be grea-- oh wait I'm not gay.

Quote #4652 Current score: 15  +  − Total votes: 65 Submitted: 2009-03-30 13:10:00

Uber Moose: So that shamwow guy beat up a hooker.
Uber Moose: SHAMPOW.

Quote #4640 Current score: 0  +  − Total votes: 6 Submitted: 2009-03-28 03:03:00

Zaurathustra: if a ventrioloquist hacks on of his puppets to bits with a hatchet, is that a form of suicide?
Pink Sheep: LMFAO
Pink Sheep: Well, sort of.
Mandalt: self-mutilation

Quote #7474 Current score: 0  +  − Total votes: 2 Submitted: 2010-08-23 17:58:00

Shoplift: real mean yiff with me

Quote #9132 Current score: 1  +  − Total votes: 1 Submitted: 2012-10-06 12:22:19

Mocca-lee throws ==[] a pillow at Link Ordon!
Link Ordon swings his sword to deflect the pillow back to Mocca-lee!

Quote #9022 Current score: 5  +  − Total votes: 7 Submitted: 2012-08-13 05:58:00

Nukpana once got an email from his father saying 'I DON'T LIKE THE TONE OF YOUR EMAIL, BOY'
Dibit: LOL
Nukpana: So I resent it in blue instead of black.
Nukpana: He flipped xD
Teo: looll

Quote #7988 Current score: -4  +  − Total votes: 6 Submitted: 2010-12-30 10:58:00

led: ill teach you how to get invited to parties

Quote #5756 Current score: -2  +  − Total votes: 2 Submitted: 2009-10-12 13:37:00

Madii: jon and kate are stupid.
ShadowMage: xD
ShadowMage: Jon Gully and Kate?
ShadowMage: o-o

Quote #6421 Current score: -1  +  − Total votes: 3 Submitted: 2010-02-25 10:39:00

Rew and I, discussing some patch issues I was having.

Rew: that is so odd.
Cinereal: no kidding.
Rew: do you have a junction in your patch?
Cinereal: oh
Cinereal: :3
Cinereal does not.
Rew: idk if thats the problem or wut
Rew: ohok
Rew: D:
Cinereal: worth a shot
Rew: ask cinereal
Rew: or
Cinereal IS Cinereal. O_o
Rew: michael roberson
Rew: ...
Rew: LOL
Rew: cinder bear..
Rew: XD
Cinereal: :P
Rew: you're just on my mind. ;-P

Quote #9266 Current score: 0  +  − Total votes: 4 Submitted: 2012-11-18 22:19:00

Kashi Commodore: Can I ban alt-traders who have awesome alt-names that I want?

Kashi Commodore: (JOKE btw guys)

Quote #7688 Current score: -4  +  − Total votes: 10 Submitted: 2010-10-16 04:44:00

Leokins: Hm
Leokins: I forgot to wash my hands after petting dogs lolol
Mac-tan: you bad person
Leokins: It's cool I don't get sick anyways
Mac-tan: i'm sick as fuck right now
Leokins: I mean you lactated everywhere
Mac-tan: sorry

Quote #9068 Current score: 1  +  − Total votes: 5 Submitted: 2012-08-29 13:37:25

SaydenMorningstar: I homo
Nukpana: Also nice, Rad x3
SaydenMorningstar: home*
SaydenMorningstar: Wth
Nukpana: ... LOL say

Quote #2619 Current score: 0  +  − Total votes: 14 Submitted: 2008-05-07 22:45:00

Percei Verita: And what brings you here?
Damon Gant raises a finger.

Quote #5252 Current score: -1  +  − Total votes: 1 Submitted: 2009-07-22 15:58:00

dollfaced: i read that as im on my period i want gd. ;;

Quote #6737 Current score: 3  +  − Total votes: 5 Submitted: 2010-05-05 02:52:00

Kiyami: Your face isn't e8
LEOKINS: That apple in your port isn't E8.
Messia: Your mom wasn't e8 last night *.*

Quote #9454 Current score: -5  +  − Total votes: 6 Submitted: 2013-03-01 11:39:11

PesterChum: The only reason I'd jon Walmart
Atmora Dinfae: "Welcome to Walmart. Get your shit and get out"
Davesprite Strider: its not like that in Canada
Atmora Dinfae: ...>_>; I'd be a homeless dude, shiving other homeless guys with a rusty forkshiv for rats under a goddamn bridge
Davesprite Strider: mora
Davesprite Strider: you insult me
Atmora Dinfae: No
Atmora Dinfae: I'm just saying that it's hard to just up and move to another country and make it work when I have literally NOTHING
PesterChum: Is to climb the corporate ladder and <s>use them to take over the world</s> then <s>get fired because I can't keep up</s> idefk what I'm talking about right now hush I'm still waking up

Quote #6682 Current score: -1  +  − Total votes: 1 Submitted: 2010-04-25 10:35:00

(Testing the fortune teller in our dream, which offers random answers to questions. I stress RANDOM).

Maquillage: *Do I fancy Sascha?
[#] She gasps. "It is certain!"
Maquillage: *is Ugly Sascha?
[#] "Yes."
Maquillage: I mean
Maquillage: *is Sascha ugly*
[#] "Most likely."
Maquillage: JO
Maquillage: NO*
[#] "Yes."

Quote #7631 Current score: 1  +  − Total votes: 3 Submitted: 2010-09-30 21:54:00

Lozenge: Ohohoh
Lozenge: I have something you can eat
Zombe: I just.. love, love love love... llooooovvveeee meat..

Quote #8679 Current score: 5  +  − Total votes: 7 Submitted: 2011-12-28 15:07:00

Tobian: <3 makes me think of droopy balls blowing in the wind.
Éponine Valjean: lmao
Tobian: Well, I sideways dangly balls you too
Éponine Valjean: that's a heart!
Tobian: Balls.
Éponine Valjean: Well, <3 to you
Tobian: rooofl
Éponine Valjean: haha now everytime I post that I am going to think of balls flying in the wind
Tobian: Hahahaha
Tobian: welcome to my world

Quote #8024 Current score: -2  +  − Total votes: 6 Submitted: 2011-01-06 13:50:00

Cronus: [ afk to get naked ]

Quote #6872 Current score: -1  +  − Total votes: 3 Submitted: 2010-05-31 22:57:00

Geek Fairy: Fuck. My. Nose.
Geek Fairy: I can't swallow because my ears pop every time. Because no air will go in or out of my nose. None.
Jonny boy: fuck her nose, fae D<
Jonny boy: you heard the woman
Whompyjawed: You know you're the only one of us who could fit in there.
Geek Fairy: LOL.

Quote #5601 Current score: -3  +  − Total votes: 5 Submitted: 2009-09-15 17:48:00

Midnight211: BISHBUG
Bushido: I have two friends that hang out there. xD
Bushido: So I went to visit.
Midnight211: GITWAWATYYY
Midnight211: odjf[aghsdufk
Bushido: o-o;;
Midnight211: ...
Bushido: XD
Midnight211: IT NOT WORKING

Quote #7858 Current score: 0  +  − Total votes: 0 Submitted: 2010-11-29 00:28:00

$ingle: i am coveing crunchers corpse w cookies
Cruncher: That's nice. Do use sugar-free, this time. Last time, the ants didn't consume my corpse, just the cookies.
$ingle: :-(

Quote #6414 Current score: -1  +  − Total votes: 3 Submitted: 2010-02-24 07:37:00

Kiyami: Alabama
Kiyami: What is your Birmingham like?
Hufflepuff: Umm
Hufflepuff: It's full of black people

Quote #6503 Current score: 4  +  − Total votes: 8 Submitted: 2010-03-12 20:50:00

Jolie hears MJ in the other room.
Logitech: Gasp. Zombies.
Logitech: Guess he's officially thrillered back to life.
Loomin Rauko: Does that mean he's black again?

Quote #3623 Current score: 2  +  − Total votes: 8 Submitted: 2008-11-09 22:12:00

Aerin: "Good little lollipop, grow big and strong, and some day you'll be a full grown lump of sucrose!"

Quote #4986 Current score: 7  +  − Total votes: 17 Submitted: 2009-06-05 12:19:00

Fredderick: distended scrotes!
NeFFy: !

Quote #10023 Current score: 2  +  − Total votes: 4 Submitted: 2015-08-26 07:45:18

Tanz: I feel like a real adult now im microwaving mini pizzas

Quote #5588 Current score: 13  +  − Total votes: 23 Submitted: 2009-09-13 03:46:00

Archie: Guy just gets out of prison after like 6 years and well what would YOU do.
Archie: Prison gay is no fun am I right.
Archie: Feel free not to answer that so I don't have to ask how you would know.
Majas: ....
Archie: Blame the history channel.
Archie: The shit they make shows on at 4am
Archie: I mean it was educational but I didn't want to know THAT much about prisons in the 1920's.

Quote #5158 Current score: -2  +  − Total votes: 6 Submitted: 2009-07-05 18:16:00

Brendon: i have so many bug bites :-(
Jojo: aha
Cristiano: but it's gone now so it's all good
Jojo: ...

Quote #7568 Current score: -1  +  − Total votes: 5 Submitted: 2010-09-18 12:32:00

Zombie Coros: In my goal to see everything on the internet 1 thing stops me.
Zombie Coros: Midgets
Zombie Coros: findtubes didn't find any gay midget porn ):
Zombie Coros: i found a dwarf with a kickass mohawk fucking some girl though

Quote #10225 Current score: 1  +  − Total votes: 7 Submitted: 2018-02-09 14:15:59

James throws Vanix a bone and knocks the furre over!
Vanix's arm is impacted by the thrown bone, the meat around the epicenter of the impact sight is instantly bruised and mulched, the kinetic energy rippling across the sinew and causing millions of minute hairline fractures while the arm itself goes limp, paralyzed with riveting agony.
Vanix likes being dramatic.

Quote #3029 Current score: -2  +  − Total votes: 4 Submitted: 2008-07-29 19:05:00

Hinamori Amu: Are you mugging/harassing me ;_;
Ikuto: Yes
Hinamori Amu: D:
Ikuto: Yes I am

Quote #9056 Current score: 5  +  − Total votes: 5 Submitted: 2012-08-26 07:32:26

Honeystep: Is there a certain time everyone RPs? or is it just come on in if you're on type of thing
Azula: Usually we sit in the ooc and go "anybody wanna rp?" and then the rp-willing rise from their graves like rp-eating zombies.
Honeystep: o.o nice
Azula: and together we shamble off into the dark of the IC.... <_< >_>

Quote #6433 Current score: 34  +  − Total votes: 57 Submitted: 2010-02-27 20:42:00

Jig: Look at all these animals
Jig: I feel like I am in Felorin's bedroom

Quote #4636 Current score: 1  +  − Total votes: 3 Submitted: 2009-03-27 11:38:00

Lothus Marque merfs. "As I said, my problem is with the smoking. If the chemicals help (I've got nothing against prescribed medicinal use) that's one thing."
Cigar: i take prescriptions. they aren't always mine though. :>
Lothus Marque: -.-

Quote #7799 Current score: 5  +  − Total votes: 7 Submitted: 2010-11-13 19:26:00

Leokins: Sai can I has cookie
Sai: i'm a kitten, i'm incapable of baking cookies

Quote #5089 Current score: 5  +  − Total votes: 9 Submitted: 2009-06-19 20:10:00

Eternally Dusk: Sanct is living?
Mascara: nope, he died
Eternally Dusk: *leaving.
Eternally Dusk: jerk. D:

Quote #7794 Current score: -1  +  − Total votes: 3 Submitted: 2010-11-12 02:03:00

Wolf Blitzer: You don't want to know what I did after
Wolf Blitzer: Let's just say a bird in the pants is more of a mess than one in hand
Kaninchen: I've eaten them, too, Wolf.
Moose: Was that a parody of the birds in the bush phrase

Quote #6324 Current score: -1  +  − Total votes: 3 Submitted: 2010-02-07 18:02:00

Dr. Steinman tries to save bs
Dr. Steinman.. falls off the balcony instead
Big Sister lols
Sean attempts to save both
Sean fall off balcony
Dr. Zed go to save all three
Dr. Zed leaps off the balcony
Dr. Zed splat

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