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Quote #3646 Current score: -2  +  − Total votes: 4 Submitted: 2008-11-13 10:34:00

Clogs is after cum then?)
Chinja: (mk.)
Clogs: (OMG LOL)
Chinja: (Um yes xD)
Clogs: (>> sorry)
Chinja: (rofl!)

Quote #2890 Current score: 3  +  − Total votes: 15 Submitted: 2008-06-28 22:07:00

Percei Verita: A few weeks back I was playing with the GPS in the rentcar me and my dad had gotten to drive home from DFW
Percei Verita: And I was cycling through the languages, each one would say a sentence in that language.
Percei Verita: And it went like this.
Percei Verita: English
Percei Verita: Spanish
Percei Verita: (OR Espanol)
Percei Verita: French
Percei Verita: Italian
Percei Verita: German
Percei Verita: Russain
Percei Verita: Then, right at that last language, as soon as I switched to it, the comedian on our XM radio pipes in with the Punch line "In Soviet Russia, CAR drive YOU!"
Percei Verita: ...
Percei Verita: Then I turned off the GPS

Quote #2921 Current score: 3  +  − Total votes: 11 Submitted: 2008-07-07 15:10:00

Leevisc: Im listening to sad emo right now
Leevisc: Curse of Curves
Twigg: That's not emo...
Sophie: I'm so over the emo music.
Sophie: ):
Poi: AKA - I'm sad and fat.

Quote #7762 Current score: 6  +  − Total votes: 12 Submitted: 2010-11-02 18:50:00

Del: Sup Okela my lover
Del: Ascorbic i think she may have me on ignore can you tell her I said sup
Ascorbic: okela del says sup
Ascorbic: also that he has a raging boner for you that just won't quit

Quote #8908 Current score: -1  +  − Total votes: 3 Submitted: 2012-05-28 21:33:00

Noma: Ahhh the wonders of bird pewp
Wyatt: Yuck

Quote #10119 Current score: 0  +  − Total votes: 0 Submitted: 2017-02-11 22:11:47

Jark De Guernica: Kraft dinner is all canuck
Flea: they might have made it but the americans took it
Flea: just like they took america
Flea: forcibly
Flea: and now no one knows about canadians

Quote #7959 Current score: 5  +  − Total votes: 5 Submitted: 2010-12-23 10:31:00

Woofff: Eugh, I should proberbly get out of my slobby clothes before my friend gets here...
Ophilia: why?
Ophilia: you want to be naked when they get there?

Quote #9076 Current score: -1  +  − Total votes: 5 Submitted: 2012-08-31 18:40:11

rainbow Revolution: oooh?
rainbow Revolution: snap snap snap snap snap






snap snap snap snap snap

rainbow Revolution: >:d
PeppyMint: O.O

Quote #2719 Current score: 5  +  − Total votes: 17 Submitted: 2008-05-30 12:02:00

Shinichi Kudo: I hate russia often
Shinichi Kudo: beside that one tatu snog o.o
Shinichi Kudo: :(
Maquillage: did you mean snog or song...
Shinichi Kudo: ....
Shinichi Kudo: <-<
Shinichi Kudo: song

Quote #7185 Current score: -1  +  − Total votes: 3 Submitted: 2010-07-11 16:12:00

lchigo: ..
lchigo: Buffalo.
lchigo: Wings.
Spacker: ..
lchigo: GET IT!?
Spacker: honey i'm british

Quote #5749 Current score: -1  +  − Total votes: 1 Submitted: 2009-10-11 23:30:00

Hellrisen: oh, well i was kw. D:<
Hellrisen: jw*
Marfus: your a jew?
Emathel: I read jw as Jew
Hellrisen: ...
Hellrisen: D:<
Emathel: LOL

Quote #3043 Current score: 0  +  − Total votes: 8 Submitted: 2008-07-30 13:57:00

Autopilot: You can bring a horse to water but you cant make it read

Quote #9493 Current score: -2  +  − Total votes: 4 Submitted: 2013-04-13 10:29:00

Nahlah: I want some pussing.
Nahlah: God dammit.
Nahlah: Pudding!
Treeki coughs
Merrie: ._.
Nahlah: Well now that ruined pudding for me.

Quote #5843 Current score: 3  +  − Total votes: 7 Submitted: 2009-10-25 17:20:00

Schiz: I dont like your sister, Abi sorry. shes a ho
Niox: It's ok
Niox: I don't like her either.
Hitler: ur sisters hot
PHNCherry Pie: o.O
PHNCherry Pie: xD
Niox: My sisters 10 kyle u-u
Gwin: lmfao
Hitler: LOL
PHNCherry Pie: Wow.
Niox: pedo pls

Quote #8625 Current score: 0  +  − Total votes: 2 Submitted: 2011-11-18 00:03:00

Paprika: Ottifets can do the backwards-cowboy position.

Quote #4561 Current score: 3  +  − Total votes: 11 Submitted: 2009-03-14 14:38:00

Sendra's head is full of almonds at the moment. o_o
Gallifreyan: Bet that's driving you nuts
Sendra: ....Yes. ;D

Quote #3824 Current score: 4  +  − Total votes: 10 Submitted: 2008-12-07 16:38:00

Hamara: [ Are you.. blonde? ]
Scabior: ( i'm asian. we dont come in blonde. )

Quote #3763 Current score: 8  +  − Total votes: 20 Submitted: 2008-11-29 13:26:00

Over a wheat penny:

Kostchtchie: I found it in my change the other day. I was O: and then :D and when I saw the date I was P:!!! and now I'm like (:.
Kostchtchie: God I've been around SnowyThing too long.

Quote #8458 Current score: 0  +  − Total votes: 0 Submitted: 2011-07-27 19:17:00

Crosshatched: MADNESS.
Perplexed: THIS
Perplexed: IS
Crosshatched: SPARTA
Spawn: I called it.
Spawn: Yall are stupid.
Perplexed: Called your mum. B)
Spawn: Your mom called my mom.
Spawn: Your mom's a lesbo.
Spawn: You were adopted.

Quote #4909 Current score: 3  +  − Total votes: 5 Submitted: 2009-05-19 17:48:00

iain_westy: i ended up singing johny cash songs
Neex: Interesting.
iain_westy: did you know how much i love you?
Neex blinks.
iain_westy: is the home that some day you can save me
iain_westy: from this darkness
iain_westy: its another cash song
Neex: OHH- OK.

Quote #5629 Current score: 1  +  − Total votes: 3 Submitted: 2009-09-23 19:25:00

Wurmple: apparently today most games are
Esbreeon: ...
Esbreeon: hz
Esbreeon: you just summed up the entire GTA series
Keroro: gta in a nutshell

Quote #4388 Current score: 5  +  − Total votes: 11 Submitted: 2009-02-23 13:57:00

Liberal: I GOT A JOB, BTW.
Hufflepuff: as a nurse?
Hufflepuff: I'm ready for my spongebath~
Liberal: you want it text book style, or irl style?
Hufflepuff: furry style.

Quote #9992 Current score: -1  +  − Total votes: 1 Submitted: 2015-05-24 13:32:36

Merissa: (Link to a "mating call of the signs" post on Tumblr)
Nall Aiza: Yay. Kitten purrs
Merissa: I'm not so much engine revving though
Nall Aiza: xD
Merissa: Unless it's like
Merissa: That revs my engine, yo

Quote #4247 Current score: 2  +  − Total votes: 8 Submitted: 2009-02-02 00:48:00

Broccoli: More than one furre's name begins that way. You need to type more of the name, or maybe all of their name LAZY &$!?, so I can tell exactly who you mean! -- Beekin the Help Dragon

Quote #4218 Current score: 1  +  − Total votes: 5 Submitted: 2009-01-28 05:47:00

Helst: Tell him to stop being a dick or I'll stick my foot so far up his ass that he'll be shitting Skate shoes for a month >B(

Quote #10160 Current score: 0  +  − Total votes: 0 Submitted: 2017-07-02 11:05:50

Daichi Honeycrisp: today is a day where i'm just not getting clothes on

Quote #5256 Current score: 0  +  − Total votes: 2 Submitted: 2009-07-22 21:02:00

Farren Dustfur hums I Remember You
Farren Dustfur: I said I'd give my life for just one kiss... live for your smile, and die for your kiss
Farren Dustfur: We've had our share of hard times, But that's the price we paid, But through it all, We kept the promise that we made
Farren Dustfur: Woke up to hear the sound of pouring rain... Washed away a dream of you... But nothing else could take you away, Because you'll always be my dream come true, Oh, my darlin, I love you
Farren Dustfur: ...
Farren Dustfur: Such a touching song
Farren Dustfur: ... and they follow it up with Something In Your Mouth
Creed: lmao

Quote #3850 Current score: -2  +  − Total votes: 4 Submitted: 2008-12-13 12:10:00

Mista Kitteh: NO YOUR NOT
Mista Kitteh: STOP LYING
Mr. Shorty: YES I AM
Vlanalt facepalms
Wikipedia: I LIKE CHEESE D:<

Quote #10047 Current score: 2  +  − Total votes: 2 Submitted: 2016-02-11 00:09:50

Borozvoi: Im gonna go and join a very dedicated one punch man x my little pony crossover dream now
Borozvoi: goodbye

Quote #9731 Current score: 2  +  − Total votes: 6 Submitted: 2013-12-24 19:32:17

Crazy Redd: This is my Christmas present to FurN
Crazy Redd: Carpets
Crazy Redd: All the carpets
Lesbians: YESS
Lesbians: Santa is real!

Quote #4598 Current score: -9  +  − Total votes: 11 Submitted: 2009-03-21 14:39:00

Havoc: Hi kim.
Havoc: Wanna make out?

Quote #10030 Current score: 2  +  − Total votes: 2 Submitted: 2015-10-12 03:29:22

Amma: We regret to inform you that your dearly departed has turned into a zombie, thus voiding their life insurance policy. Best of luck to you and yours in the future.

Quote #7057 Current score: 3  +  − Total votes: 3 Submitted: 2010-06-19 16:03:00

Lenient: I like men, women, and hermaphrodites.
Vito Blackthornio: Disgrace
Spacker: i shake my head in shame.

Quote #3064 Current score: 4  +  − Total votes: 14 Submitted: 2008-08-02 16:14:00

Kiyichichi: ......... GUYS LOL
Kiyichichi: LOL the toy law was ignored
Arbok: what would people do
Arbok: if they became illegal
Arbok: cops go in to your house and confiscate your dildos
Arbok: I'd quit the force
Arbok: I wouldn't want to be 50 telling my grand kids about how I was a part of the first ever ANAL BEAD BUST

Quote #37 Current score: 6  +  − Total votes: 106 Submitted: 2006-02-20 16:51:00

Aubry: I can't even freaking get onto Sprint.com 'cause apparently my phone doesn't exist anymore.
Mandaliet: did it vanish?
Aubry: I guess so.
Aubry: Last I knew, I had a $404 phone bill.
Mandaliet: wow
Aubry: And that's only 'cause we sort of forgot to pay it since July.
Mandaliet: 404: phone not found

Quote #3905 Current score: 4  +  − Total votes: 20 Submitted: 2008-12-15 20:02:00

Mascara: There is someone on Furc whose name is Chainsaw Mascara.
Mascara: I am taking it as a threat.

Quote #8981 Current score: 9  +  − Total votes: 9 Submitted: 2012-07-22 02:32:00

Nijūmi: NEVER leave Kashi and I any sort of announcement powers

Quote #9231 Current score: 1  +  − Total votes: 3 Submitted: 2012-11-06 21:10:02

Reinage: I remember this one thing I saw that was like
Reinage: "Alaska isn't near Canada! It's floating south of California."
Turtles: ...
Thara: ............
Reinage: Because is many american maps, Alaska is tossed down there.
Thara: STAHP
Len Flare: One of alaska's edges is unnaturally straight if it's down there below california!
Reinage: ikr
Reinage: It's the result of
Reinage: American
Reinage: manufacturing
Reinage: or something
Reinage: In fact, Len.
Reinage: The entire state is man-made
Reinage: you see
Reinage: They wanted to gain more land
Reinage: geographically
Reinage: They would be the largest country in the world, if the building of Alaska wasn't so hazardous and resource-consuming.
Reinage: Many, many men died while testing and building a suitable land-replacement.
Reinage: .. Everything in my head goes too far.

Quote #6703 Current score: -1  +  − Total votes: 3 Submitted: 2010-04-28 17:57:00

Teren Dementia huggles Claudes tail
Teren Dementia: I missed eeeet
Teren Dementia: However Claude...I too have an awesome tail now
Teren Dementia: mwahahahah
Tajar grabs Teren's poofy tail "Ohhhh purrrrrty"
Tom Van Beuren facepalms at Teren's tail

Quote #4793 Current score: 0  +  − Total votes: 2 Submitted: 2009-04-25 23:09:00

Cassius Fuzzypaws: my pen is mighty
Damaged Fox: My penis is mighty.
Damaged Fox: :c
Melchia: Damaged has a tiny fox penis!

Quote #3322 Current score: -3  +  − Total votes: 5 Submitted: 2008-09-15 18:58:00

Powerslave: want to put your lips on my dick?
Billie: yes
Billie: dude it sucks

Quote #842 Current score: 1  +  − Total votes: 29 Submitted: 2007-02-17 10:08:00

Burnt Ice: We played a game called Ducky.
Burnt Ice: And a person runs up to you like a duck and says, "Little ducky needs a home!" and you have to say "Sorry, I have no more room." without laughing.
Burnt Ice: My friend rolled up to me like 009-Duck and was like, "LITTAH DUCKEH NEED A HOOOOOME"
Mewstara: Hahaha.
Mewstara: I need to do that.
Burnt Ice: I was all
Burnt Ice: "ROFL"
Mewstara: Little ducky needs a hoe.
Mewstara: *home...

Quote #7085 Current score: -1  +  − Total votes: 9 Submitted: 2010-06-24 17:08:00

Hamiel Reighopard: I love the big balls.

Quote #9393 Current score: -2  +  − Total votes: 6 Submitted: 2013-01-19 18:56:23

Coffee Can: According to my spreadsheet projections, it'll be March before I can let loose and relax a little.
Brown Bearpaws: According to my butt cheeks, I need to do more with my life...

Quote #6888 Current score: 1  +  − Total votes: 3 Submitted: 2010-06-02 18:25:00

WhosxxThat: i did get it right
WhosxxThat: but i cant paste it
Reckless: ...
Reckless: You cheated

Quote #5826 Current score: 3  +  − Total votes: 15 Submitted: 2009-10-24 17:18:00

(You see Pure Stallion.)
> A huge Arabian Stallion stands in front of you, visibly aroused as his massive horse cock throbs in front of you along with the two giant orbs that are his balls hang down looking heavy and full

Quote #7167 Current score: 2  +  − Total votes: 6 Submitted: 2010-07-09 13:08:00

Zil: stop making me hard
Ryan|Stiles: pee helps remove content from your body that would otherwise kill you if left inside of your system
Ryan|Stiles: oh sorry
Zil: i can feel my clitoris growing taller by the minute!!
Ryan|Stiles: oh i just made myself hard
Ryan|Stiles: LOL

Quote #5133 Current score: 15  +  − Total votes: 33 Submitted: 2009-06-30 17:58:00

Jee: We need to rp our fags sometime.
Idi: whot.
Seth: Indeed
Idi: who rps cigarettes
Idi: that's just weird
Idi gives you lung cancer!!1!
Sinew: That would be some awesome RP
Seth lays on the floor like a glorious cancer stick waiting for someone to light it on fire enough to ignite its tasteless ashes.
Jee makes a silent scream as the fire reaches her ass, the smell of burning flesh arising with the smoke.
Seth hangs around in a pack with all of its other peers waiting to be smoked alive by human beings. How cruel the fleshy things are, breathing in our life energy all for the sake of calming their own nerves!
Leokins puts cigarette in eyeball. "AHHH!!"
Idi is just a cigarette butt, burnt, abused, and used, lying on the sidewalk. Oh, the life of a fag was short and perilous.

Quote #5766 Current score: 0  +  − Total votes: 4 Submitted: 2009-10-13 16:56:00

Miles Edgeworth: there's a cafe here called gilberts
Miles Edgeworth: like on campus
Gilbert: does it remind you of me
Miles Edgeworth: not really
Miles Edgeworth: owned

Quote #5792 Current score: 6  +  − Total votes: 8 Submitted: 2009-10-17 18:41:00

Nakkida: with ropes of cum*
Buzzurks eats Nakki's weapon.
Buzzurks: ...
Buzzurks: Nevermind.

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