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Quote #2879 Current score: 3  +  − Total votes: 55 Submitted: 2008-06-26 16:33:00

keizy: There once was a man from Nantucket
keizy: whose walrus oh so luved its bukket.
keizy: One day walrus groaned,
keizy: it had just gotten pwned;
keizy: Said the lolcat "O HAI, I JUST TUK IT".

Quote #6372 Current score: 2  +  − Total votes: 4 Submitted: 2010-02-18 07:40:00

Mandaliet: hi, Foal
Mandaliet: we're whipping babies

Quote #5488 Current score: 1  +  − Total votes: 7 Submitted: 2009-08-28 13:58:00

Nakkida: boobs
Buzzurks: Penis.
Shinja: Vagiiiiina.
Nakkida: yes, please
Shinja: ... xD
Nakkida: penis i mean >_>

Quote #7656 Current score: -3  +  − Total votes: 5 Submitted: 2010-10-08 11:32:00

Wocky: soo
Wocky: what has been going onnn
Migoto: Weeeell, my life has been great. I found a kind and loving hubby who can cook, we married on 10/10/10, we live in a town house with 2 straight-a students and a dog, and I work as a librarian and my husband sells ad-space! :)
Migoto: And then the world ended. o____o
Migoto: And here I am today! :DD
Migoto: As a demented, green-striped schizophrenic kitty who has an intense craving for bacon bits and human flesh.
Zoo offers bacon
Migoto rips arm off and chows on bacon-flesh.

Quote #3201 Current score: 0  +  − Total votes: 10 Submitted: 2008-08-30 13:53:00

Kiyichichi: i...... havent slept at all
Kiyichichi: so i'm going to be prone to just
Kiyichichi: not
Kiyichichi: responding
Kiyichichi: LOL
Kiyichichi: RIGHT PUTATA you're not looking at this window
Kiyichichi: i went to lay down for a minute in the middle of rp
Esbreeon: yeah?
Kiyichichi: ended up falling asleep for half an hour
Esbreeon: ah
Esbreeon: ...
Esbreeon: you're hyper. and tired..
Esbreeon: aren't you
Kiyichichi: i drank two dr peppers.
Esbreeon: ...
Esbreeon: oh my.
Kiyichichi: i am a nuclear explosion waiting to happen

Quote #8117 Current score: 0  +  − Total votes: 0 Submitted: 2011-01-30 11:21:00

Hermaphrodite has never heard of ejaculate being used as a projectile.
Hermaphrodite relates, "Like some awkward Pokemon move.."

Quote #8891 Current score: 0  +  − Total votes: 2 Submitted: 2012-05-19 15:16:00

Degu: Yeah got to love events where they pass around diseases in the form of fruit juice :(

Quote #7484 Current score: -2  +  − Total votes: 2 Submitted: 2010-08-26 00:49:00

KynxCamila: leokins = barstado. as she has been mean to me for months

Quote #3664 Current score: 0  +  − Total votes: 10 Submitted: 2008-11-15 09:14:00

Helmut: i've been changing shirts recently like helen keller falls out of a window on a bad day

Quote #2858 Current score: -3  +  − Total votes: 5 Submitted: 2008-06-21 17:26:00

Meekers: I think I ate my rubber band again
Ze: ... I didn't read "band" at first.

Quote #6664 Current score: 5  +  − Total votes: 9 Submitted: 2010-04-19 17:15:00

Remrafe: Give me a moment...
Remrafe: I'm doing something
Remrafe: Something secret
Tashie: Stop wanking.

Quote #8242 Current score: 2  +  − Total votes: 4 Submitted: 2011-03-27 16:13:00

Delphie: The game
Battalion: I hate you

Quote #6458 Current score: 3  +  − Total votes: 3 Submitted: 2010-03-07 13:22:00

Kalare: One day I will be quoted

Quote #2416 Current score: 1  +  − Total votes: 21 Submitted: 2008-03-28 18:05:00

Erentei Karasthein: We are Furcadia.
Erentei Karasthein: We are Legion.
Erentei Karasthein: We Do Not Forgive.
Erentei Karasthein: We Are Not Amused.
The Big Blue: We Capitalize Every Word We Say.

Quote #9599 Current score: 4  +  − Total votes: 8 Submitted: 2013-07-23 04:40:48

Ninja: give-waterlemon
Ninja: ...fail
Funny xD;
Nicias: I want a water lemon ;~;
Nicias: brb making that alt

Quote #3684 Current score: -2  +  − Total votes: 4 Submitted: 2008-11-17 02:20:00

Janet: I met Vijay February 2002.
Head Cheese: no you did-en
Janet rolls her eyes again!
Head Cheese waggles his head like a feral negroid.

Quote #3709 Current score: -5  +  − Total votes: 11 Submitted: 2008-11-19 02:36:00

Jase: I hope to god that corpses have no genders

Quote #3368 Current score: -2  +  − Total votes: 12 Submitted: 2008-09-27 16:39:00

Spar: when is my quote getting in
Spar: :-(

Quote #8437 Current score: 0  +  − Total votes: 4 Submitted: 2011-07-12 14:47:00

Momoe: You use lobs as a shield against pedos?
A Stray Child: yes o.o
Momoe: That's kind of counter productive.
A Stray Child: .-. how so?
Wion: Much better.
Wion: (yeah right)
Lobsel Vith rapes stray child

Quote #2694 Current score: -6  +  − Total votes: 8 Submitted: 2008-05-25 10:45:00

Kuroshiro: throwing your mom wha?
Emelia: My mom isn't throwable.
Emelia: :

Quote #8094 Current score: 12  +  − Total votes: 12 Submitted: 2011-01-26 16:45:00

Whale: Mine english teach was worked for the FBI
Hated: ....
Frog: ..
Hated: LOLOL
Frog: your english teacher was horrible

Quote #3883 Current score: 4  +  − Total votes: 14 Submitted: 2008-12-14 12:29:00

Archie: .. Mmk, ew.
Archie: I just realized I'm using the cup that I use for the hermit crab food.
Archie: Afk a second to scream like a girl and get a new cup.
Osiris: you're a pirate
Osiris: suck it up

Quote #2812 Current score: -3  +  − Total votes: 5 Submitted: 2008-06-14 21:27:00

Mivia: sex
pikachuuu: CUZ ITS FUN
Mizz Punk doesnt know anymore

Quote #5342 Current score: -10  +  − Total votes: 10 Submitted: 2009-08-10 22:34:00

Phoenyxx rolls 1d100 for sexiness[] & gets 11.
Phoenyxx: [....):]
Ashes to Ashes: XD]
Ashes to Ashes rolls 1d100 for the same thing as Phoe & gets 86.
Ashes to Ashes: [:3]
Phoenyxx: ... Screw you, Ash.]

Quote #3360 Current score: -4  +  − Total votes: 6 Submitted: 2008-09-26 18:19:00

Swirlz: Did the random monkeys from Magic Flower Valley eat your virginity too?
Sexify: i'm afriad so
Swirlz: Wow, me too
Sexify: it's a shame isn't it?
Swirlz: Of course

Quote #8780 Current score: 1  +  − Total votes: 5 Submitted: 2012-02-27 20:28:00

Zar: im not good with compliments so i am just going to fart softly in appreciation

Quote #5839 Current score: 4  +  − Total votes: 8 Submitted: 2009-10-25 12:53:00

Sanne: Upgrade to 3?
cial: you crazy, lady. i still use an FTP program written in 95
Sanne: You crazy more, man.
cial: baah.
Sanne: SHEEP
Sanne: Go graze
cial: i've done that
cial: clover is very bitter
Sanne: You've grazed?
cial: i dunno how rabbits do it
cial: yeah i was really hungry
cial: at the wedding
cial: i thought maybe since we're omnivores, i could eat the lawn
Sanne stares.
Sanne: I.... I don't even know if there is an appropriate response to this revelation.
cial: i was hungry!
cial: well i didn't get down on all fours and graze
cial: i pulled a bunch of grass up in my hand and ate it
cial: since we're bipedal and have opposable thumbs it seemed more logical

Quote #4561 Current score: 3  +  − Total votes: 11 Submitted: 2009-03-14 14:38:00

Sendra's head is full of almonds at the moment. o_o
Gallifreyan: Bet that's driving you nuts
Sendra: ....Yes. ;D

Quote #7049 Current score: 0  +  − Total votes: 4 Submitted: 2010-06-18 01:48:00

Leokins: I need sex. x.x
Botani: XD
Tyyson bends over.
Rane: Leokids, you're like 17. You do not.
Botanic screws in lightbulb.
Leokins: I'm twenty, you $!?.
Tyyson lights it up.
Botanic reads.
Two: llllllllol

Quote #8056 Current score: -1  +  − Total votes: 5 Submitted: 2011-01-18 22:24:00

Tense: stop! dont tuch me there. this is my private square! r-a-p-e, get your hands off of me!
Seattle: ,,
Whale: ...
Whale tuch
Seattle: ..
Seattle tuch 2
Whale: ..
Tense: aw fuck!

Quote #6218 Current score: 5  +  − Total votes: 7 Submitted: 2010-01-15 19:26:00

Daiktana: They tell us to keep it E8, but they put a hangmans noose here ):

Quote #7084 Current score: -3  +  − Total votes: 3 Submitted: 2010-06-24 10:59:00

Striker: I hate the way it comes out everytime.

Quote #5354 Current score: 0  +  − Total votes: 2 Submitted: 2009-08-13 19:04:00

Latic: Maybe I enjoy being beat on friday nights in a mini shirt, low cut shirt by a Naked Nun in nothing but her habbit top who's cross eyed with a bullwhip and bottle of Gin

Quote #3134 Current score: -5  +  − Total votes: 7 Submitted: 2008-08-12 19:00:00

pikachuuu: can furlings fly?
Mizz Punk: No?

Quote #6427 Current score: 1  +  − Total votes: 1 Submitted: 2010-02-26 19:43:00

DJ Khimaira Grabs a gas mask in preperation
Aiko Sakura hides her face against Khimy
DJ Draco Lifts a brow at Khimy xD
DJ Khimaira talks like darth vador "Draco kaaaa don't kaaaa fart kaaaa"

Quote #3282 Current score: -1  +  − Total votes: 5 Submitted: 2008-09-13 20:25:00

Raziel Van Astarte will go and fuck a car, then.
Azuma: ._.
Azuma: NUH UH
Azuma: you use this good ol' fashioned BLOW UP DOLL DAMNIT

Quote #7150 Current score: 5  +  − Total votes: 9 Submitted: 2010-07-05 18:56:00

Ilosovic: MARKING
Marking: KI
Marking: ..
Marking: KIWI
Normandy: LMAO
Ilosovic: :-D
Dale: >:~)
Ilosovic: You heard him, folks.
Ilosovic: It's consensual!

Quote #9238 Current score: 0  +  − Total votes: 2 Submitted: 2012-11-09 20:45:55

Kobus: I'm just. In a mood is all. It's conflicting and bad. I blame sunflower seeds, caffiene, a slight headache, and... some fourth factor that may or may not be Pokemon. xD

Quote #9013 Current score: 4  +  − Total votes: 4 Submitted: 2012-08-11 07:06:00

Nukpana: Or slow dancing, anyone can slowdance :3
Nukpana: It's just a moving cuddle xD

Quote #10112 Current score: -1  +  − Total votes: 1 Submitted: 2016-12-16 15:02:18

Flea: you can buy wrapping paper for an absurd amount of money
Flea: wrap a digo
Sapphirus: a box of condoms
Flea: give it to someone
Jark De Guernica: Good gift
Flea: if they have a present in their inventory they can be a present

Quote #6628 Current score: -2  +  − Total votes: 4 Submitted: 2010-04-06 13:07:00

(Khamira encounters some serious roleplayers and decides to play along.)

Kimachi: Hello, Silver Light!
Silver Light: KIMACHI!!!!
Khamira: Hello.
Khamira: Do you like Lady Gaga?
Khamira turns it up loud.
(You see Kimachi.)
> An evil Alchemest, planing on destroying all life.
Khamira dances.
Khamira: Now, that's not very nice.
Khamira: This song is catchy.
Khamira: Just dance, it'll be okay, doo doo doo, just dance, spin that record babe.
Kimachi: Breaks the radio.
Khamira pulls out another one from her arsehole.
Kimachi breaks the radio!
Khamira strips.
Kimachi: ...
Kimachi: I'M BEHIND YOU!!!!
Khamira: Hm?
Silver Light: ...
Khamira: Lol noob

Quote #5746 Current score: 0  +  − Total votes: 2 Submitted: 2009-10-11 21:28:00

Howl11: what color is my mouse pad?
ShadowMage: Blue.
Howl11: .........
Howl11: WTF
Howl11: O.O
Howl11: what kind of stickers are on my keyboard. :/
ShadowMage: Not pokemon.
ShadowMage: >.>;
Howl11: you'll never guess (:
ShadowMage: I answered the question :3
ShadowMage: I never said the answer would be right
ShadowMage wins.
Howl11: ..true
ShadowMage: XD
Mariska: Ok ok Joe what color is my mouse pad? :D
ShadowMage: Blue? :D
Mariska: No xD
ShadowMage: Pink?
Mariska: Pink. What's on it? ;D
Mariska: ..damn
ShadowMage: XDD
Howl11: XD
ShadowMage: Hellokitty? LMAO
Mariska: XD
Mariska: Noo
Howl11: XDDDD
Howl11: probably
Mariska: No D:
ShadowMage: SVU? >>;
Mariska: It's pink- YES
Mariska: WTF
Mariska: XD
ShadowMage: A picture of koachie's-- o.o....
Howl11: ..xDDD
ShadowMage: ass^

Quote #7807 Current score: 0  +  − Total votes: 0 Submitted: 2010-11-16 06:26:00

Furlance: You do look like Mand. :-
Levine: lol
Schlag: Who?
Levine: No one important
Furlance nods.

Quote #9715 Current score: -2  +  − Total votes: 4 Submitted: 2013-12-06 22:57:37

Hishoa: I swear, Tini gave me her bad connection. >_>
Martini: >u>
Xxysthstris: That's what you get for putting your TCP into her UDP.
Rhodesia: O.O

Quote #3521 Current score: -4  +  − Total votes: 4 Submitted: 2008-10-26 17:08:00

Ritualistic: what i cant say ni gger

Quote #7680 Current score: -2  +  − Total votes: 14 Submitted: 2010-10-13 21:25:00

Wonka: Mormons are supposed to be lonely, right?
Ruby Vicksen: mormon?
deceptisquirrel: It's a digimon.
Ruby Vicksen: oh
Wonka: LOL
deceptisquirrel: Digivolves from angemon.
Ruby Vicksen facepalms

Quote #5699 Current score: 0  +  − Total votes: 0 Submitted: 2009-10-08 17:04:00

Amosis: She does not look preggo

Quote #7658 Current score: -3  +  − Total votes: 5 Submitted: 2010-10-08 12:22:00

Lhumina: ... !
Lhumina: WOAH.
Lhumina's screenie collection just got alot bigger.

Quote #5644 Current score: 0  +  − Total votes: 2 Submitted: 2009-09-27 14:45:00

Nakkida: User: Have sex with me right now. Cleverbot: Sure. User: *has sex with*. Cleverbot: Unf.

Quote #5452 Current score: -1  +  − Total votes: 5 Submitted: 2009-08-22 17:13:00

Buzzurks throws a cup of semen at Joan.
Joanatha licks it up.
Buzzurks: I got it...from yer mom.
Joanatha: Mmmm...salty.

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