Here are some pictures from when I graduated from Ithaca College in May of 2005.

My bulletin board asks the important questions. Also affixed are various advertisements that were slid under my door, and things sent to me by people named Alice and Quinn.

The fountains in front of Dillingham, which are lit up at night and therefore look cool.

I have hair.

Fountains again.

A close-up of the Textor Ball, a (formerly) modern piece of sculpture that sits on top of Textor Hall.

The Lower Quad, where I lived my senior year.

Campus Center Dining Hall, and the Towers. I lived in the one on the right for two years.

Posing in cap & gown with Professors Woodworth and Barr.

At the fountains again, this time during the day and with cap & gown.

In front of some trees.

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Last update: July 22, 2005