Which They Might Be Giants album are you?
A quiz by Asa Pillsbury
Question the First
How popular are you?
Not at all
I go out of my way to be unpopular

Second Question
How big are you?
Smaller than normal
Somewhat large
I'm freakin' huge, man

The Question Between Two and Four
How do you feel about strangers?
I always enjoy meeting new people
I'm shy around people I don't know
I can only stand being around close friends

Question Four
How varied are your interests?
I pretty much do the same thing every day
I mostly like things that are similar, but occasionally I'll try something new
I enjoy doing what I'm comfortable with, but I like to experiment
I look for new things all the time, but I still like to do a few things the same
I'm constantly in search of something new

Question Number Five
How many friends do you have?
A few
Not many

The Question That Will be Forever Known as Six
How old are you, compared to the people you hang out with?
Pretty much the same age

That There Seventh Question
Do you have many secrets?
Yes, a lot
A few
Hardly any

The Eighth Question
How much do people like you?
Everybody loves me
People think I'm okay
Some people like me, others hate me
Not many people like me
I get the feeling that some people wish I didn't exist

Do you consider yourself to be sane?
Yes, I think I'm pretty level-headed
Usually, but I get wacky sometimes
I'm a nutcase; hide the children

Question X
How many people know you?
I'm famous
Quite a few, but not too many
Only a small amount of people
Nobody knows me except for family members